Conventional Prepaid calling cards are getting sued again.

llinois sues marketers of prepaid calling card according People complained that some prepaid calling cards are providing misleading advertisement. Apparently, marketers of some brands made the ads which promise a lot of international calling minutes. In reality consumers of such prepaid calling cards got less minutes. People got 50% less minutes than prepaid calling card says in some instances.

There are even some ridiculous scenarios when some products claimed time units on the front side of the calling card instead of calling minutes. This trick lured a lot of customers into buying those prepaid calling cards; people believed they were paying hard earned money for real minutes whereas one time unit was noticeably shorter than real one minute. Of course some consumers got mad and complaint to authorities.

Most of the people have phones nowadays. Why are people buying such prepaid calling cards in the convenient stores? The reason is simple; it is still expensive deal to make international calls using your cell phone provider or land line phone services. A lot of immigrants and travelers search for a cheap international calling in order to chat to their friends and relatives. Calling cards are delivering inexpensive solution to reach out people in other countries over the normal phone. You can dial local to you access number of the calling card company and you can connect the other side of the world with really low rate.

"Consumers need to read the fine print on prepaid calling cards," Attorney General Madigan said. "Their advertising is extremely misleading about the actual number of minutes offered, and they're loaded with hidden fees that make their value questionable at best." She continues and explains what kind of hidden fees customers can experience. It can be a hang-up fee or daily usage charges.

How can you protect yourself from misleading prepaid calling cards ad? One may say to read carefully fine print when buying prepaid calling card. But there are also additional ways you can protect yourself against misleading ads of prepaid calling cards. You can start using 011Now online prepaid calling card services! It gives you many useful features to track your activity regarding calling services. For example, one feature is called a “call history”. You can track all made by you calls and verify international calling rates for your calling destinations and time of the conversations. Our rates are shown in price for 1 minute of conversation. It is easy to check out 011Now international calling every time you make a call. There is no connection fee and disconnection or hang-up fees! We don’t charge maintenance fee! In addition to this you can recharge your account over web or over the phone over and over.

Another cool feature is pinless dialing. When you create an account you can associate as many phone numbers you will be calling from with your profile as you want. It helps 011Now to recognize you by your caller id, 011Now pulls out your account information in real time when you call the access phone number from registered phone number. As long as your caller id is enabled on your phone and your phone is registered under your account 011now doesn't ask you for a PIN.

To top everything up, if you have a smartphone you can install 011Now app and make calls with one push of a button. Create contact item for your friend once and call him using smartphone app. There is no need to enter destination number on your phone keypad with 011Now smartphone app. This feature is another decent thing which beats conventional prepaid phone card. Read more on smartphones here.

Our support team is ready to assist you at any time. Use contact us form if you have any questions or problems using 011Now international calling service.

November 23, 2011

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