Mexico Calling Guide

Calling to Mexico

Main Tips for Calling to Mexico from the US

Dial 011, the international access code.

Dial International Access Code 011

Dial 011. This is the international access code and it allows you to call outside of the country. Before making an international phone call, you will have to dial 011 on your telephone.

Dial 52, Mexico's dedicated calling code.

Mexico Country Code 52

All countries have dedicated, permanent country codes assigned to them. Hence, phone providers must recognize those country codes before letting your call go through their networks. The country code for Mexico is 52.

If you are calling a mobile phone, dial 1. Otherwise, please follow the next step.

Dial the 2-3-digit area code for the city you wish to call.

Mexico Country Code 52

Next is the area code. Usually, telephone numbers in Mexico have a three digit area code, with the notable exception of 3 cities; Mexico City, Guadalajara and Monterrey. These cities have a two digit area code instead of three, followed by an 8 digit number.

Dial the 7-8-digit local subscriber number you wish to call.

Instructions for calling to cities in mainland Mexico

Major area codes for Mexican cities

Acapulco “744″ + 7 digits
Aguascalientes “449″+ 7 digits
Apizaco “241″+ 7 digits
Cabo San Lucas “624″+ 7 digits
Cancun “998″+ 7 digits
Celaya “461″+ 7 digits
Chihuahua “614″+ 7 digits
Ciudad del Carmen “938″+ 7 digits
Ciudad Juarez “656″+ 7 digits
Cuernavaca “777″+ 7 digits
Culiacan “667″+ 7 digits
Durango “618″+ 7 digits
Ensenada “646″+ 7 digits
Guadalajara “33″ + 8 digits
Guanajuato “473″ + 7 digits
Irapuato “462″+ 7 digits
Ixtapa “755 “+ 7 digits
Jalapa “932″ + 7 digits
Juchita “971″ + 7 digits
Leon “477″ + 7 digits
Los Mochis “668″ + 7 digits
Matamoros “871″ + 7 digits
Mazatlan “869″ + 7 digits
Merida “999″ + 7 digits
Mexicali “686″ + 7 digits
Mexico City “55″ + 8 digits
Monterrey “81″ + 8 digit
Morelia “443″ + 7 digits
Nogales “631″ + 7 digits
Nuevo Laredo “867″ + 7 digits
Oaxaca de Juarez “951″ + 7 digits
Playa del Carmen “984″ + 7 digits
Progreso “861″ + 7 digits
Puebla “222″ + 7 digits
Puerto Vallarta “322″ + 7 digits
Reynosa “899″ + 7 digits
Saltillo “844″ + 7 digits
San Francisco del Rincon “476″ + 7 digits
San Miguel Allende “415″ + 7 digits
Silao “472″ + 7 digits
Tampico “833″ + 7 digits
Tijuana “664″ + 7 digits
Torreon “871″ + 7 digits
Veracruz “229″ + 7 digits
Villahermosa “993″ + 7 digits

Here are some examples on how to dial Mexico phone numbers from the US or when abroad:
If you were to dial Mexico City: “011″ + “52″ + “55″ + telephone number (8 digits).
If you were to dial Acapulco: “011″ + “52″ + “744″ + telephone number (7 digits).

Cell phone companies in Mexico

The telecommunications infrastructure in Mexico is among the best and most developed in Latin America. While the landline telephone networks are poorly implemented and somehow rare, when compared to the US or Western Europe, since the mobile phone revolution of the 90’s, people and companies turned to cell phones/wireless communications. Obviously, this phenomenon didn’t help the demand for fixed line telephone networks, which remained poorly developed. On the other hand, cell phone communications flourished, especially in isolated and remote areas, where landlines failed to penetrate.

Nowadays, Mexico is a well-developed country, in terms of mobile communications. People and businesses can benefit from a variety of products, ranging from High Speed Internet (ADSL) to GSM/3G wireless internet, provided by cell phone companies.

In the last two years, Mexico’s cellular services were significantly improved. In the past, the mobile network coverage was relatively poor and service costs were prohibitive for the vast majority of the population. The lacking cell phone coverage was frustrating for US businesses and travellers alike.

Nowadays, cell phone companies in Mexico found solutions that are both convenient and affordable for the general public and companies.

There are 13 Mobile Phone Companies currently operating in Mexico:

America Movil

America Movil corporation, a huge telecom company headquartered in Mexico City and the fourth largest mobile phone operator in the world, in terms of subscribers and equity. Being owned by Carlos Slim, America Movil is a Forbes 2000 Global company and it has over 246,000,000 clients in 18 countries. It operates in the European Union via Telekom Austria and in US via its subsidiary TracFone Wireless.


Axtel is a Mexican telecommunications company with its headquarters in Monterrey, incorporated in 1993 and the main competitor of Telmex. The company offers telephone and internet services and owns a huge fiber optic network infrastructure in 200 cities in Mexico.


Avantel is another telecommunications company based in New Mexico, founded in 1994 and it is currently owned by Axtel, the second largest telecom company in Mexico. Avantel built the first dedicated network for internet traffic in Mexico, offering VoiP services and toll free numbers for residential/business customers.


Binbit is a mobile entertainment services company, based in Monterrey and founded in 2005. It operates internationally, on three continents.


Claro Americas is a sister company of America Movil and has over 13,000,000 customers, offering a variety of services, such as CDMA/1XRTT and GSM/GPRS/EDGE wireless.


Movil@ccess is another mobile communications company in Mexico, owned by Grupo Salinas, offering two way paging services, telemarketing and premium rate telephone numbers.


Movistar is a Spanish owned mobile phone operator and the main competitor in Mexico for America Movil. It offers GSM 850/1900, UMTS, 3G/HDSPA and LTE services.


NII Holdings, Inc is a holding company formerly known as Nextel International and offers mobile communications services in Mexico under the Nextel brand.


Telcel is a subsidiary of America Movil, offering wireless telecommunications services in Mexico, founded in 1989 and with its headquarters in Mexico City. Telcel is Mexico’s number one provider of mobile communications, covering over 63% of the geographical area of the country, 90% of the population and all major cities. Telcel has almost 67 million subscribers, representing an estimated 77% of Mexico’s population.


Telmex provides telecom products and services in Mexico and other countries in Latin America. Based in Mexico City, Telmex is the number one landline phone carrier in Mexico and a subsidiary of America Movil.


Telnor is a company owned by Grupo Carso and it offers telephone and DSL internet services since 1981.


Unefón is a mobile phone operator founded in 1998 and currently owned by Iusacell, having over 2.5 million customers and based in Mexico City.