Sprint International Calling

Sprint International Calling – The Fast, Easy, and Reliable Way to Call

Getting in touch with your friends or relatives across the globe these days is now an easy process to achieve. Especially with the countless mobile technology being introduced daily, we can conveniently contact a particular person without having to spend ample amount of cash. However, the challenge that every consumer must face is choosing the right subscription plan for international calling. The solution… Sprint international calling plans.

Sprint International Service

Sprint, as we know it, is among the biggest telecommunications company in the world. Sprint international plan offer customers the flexibility to call anyone on the globe at a budget-friendly price. Start using Sprint international long distance plan for as low as $15 per month and enjoy lots of freebies that will surely fill your mobile appetite. Also, consumers can choose their own international sprint plans based from their specific mobile needs.

How to Use Sprint Subscription for International Calling?

First things first. Consumers can easily subscribe to Sprint call plans. But in order to do so the very first thing that you must do is to activate your Sprint international calling capabilities. You need to call Sprint to activate phone and be able to use international calling. Just contact Sprint via email or through phone via this no. 1-888-226-7212 (do not forget to press option 2). Users may also utilize sprint international chat for faster response. Also, there is no fee when activating your phone.

Reminder: Phones must be activated for international service to make long-distance calls, including to Mexico, Cuba, Cameroon, and Uganda.

When you have finally activated your phone for international calling, you can then immediately make calls by keying in the country code followed by the phone number. Remember that Sprint standard rates will immediately apply with per minute charge ranging from country to country. For instance:

  • Sprint Mexico price Mexico: $0.49 per minute
  • Sprint Cuba price Cuba: $2.67 per minute
  • Sprint Cameroon price Cameroon: $2.67 per minute
  • Sprint Uganda price Uganda: $2.67 per minute

This list is for the Sprint International Long Distance Plan

  • Sprint Mexico price Mexico: $0.09 per minute
  • Sprint Cuba price Cuba: $1.19 per minute
  • Sprint Cameroon price Cameroon: $0.49 per minute
  • Sprint Uganda price Uganda: $0.49 per minute

Aside from the given plans above, there is also another option which is the Freedom plan. Fee starts at $15 a month and consumers can call per minute without any extra charges.

Save Even More on Sprint International Calling With 011Now

By using the 011Now application, users can now easily call anyone across the globe without any hassle. 011Now can be used on your international Sprint phones without paying the high rates that Sprint charges and without paying high monthly recurring bills. With 011Now, Sprint international calling is made simple and easy, and are way cheaper than ever before; thus, ensuring that you will only pay the lowest possible international Sprint plans. Listed below are the compared 011Now pricing with the Sprint international rates:

  • Sprint Mexico price vs 011Now Mexico: From $0.49 per minute to $0.058 only
  • Sprint Cuba price vs 011Now Cuba: From $2.67 per minute to $0.739 only
  • Sprint Cameroon price vs 011Now Cameroon: From $2.67 per minute to $0.114 only
  • Sprint Uganda price vs 011Now Uganda: From $2.67 per minute to $0.135 only

Save up to 90% with these amazingly cheap prices! Furthermore, rest-assured with best sound quality call when using 011Now. Sprint international calling does not have to be very pricey. With the benefits of 011Now, you will immediately notice real big savings just in a month, and eventually thousands of dollars on a yearly basis.