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Smartphone app for cheap calls to Zambia

Do you want to make a call from the USA to Zambia and talk to your friends who are there on vacation? Or maybe you want to hear your parents’ voices and ask them how they are doing while you’re staying in the US? Or maybe you’d like to communicate with your business partner and discuss some business issues? No matter what reason you have, one thing may be said for sure – you’re searching for a cheap way (most probably a smartphone app), to call to Zambia from the US or Canada. And you have found it!

011Now offers the cheapest international calls
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You can call Zambia landline or you can make cheap calls to Zambia mobile. The quality of sound and connection is the highest. We don't charge any connection fees, maintenance fees. No commitment is required. You don't even need to use pinless access card number when using our services for cheap Zambia calling.

An app to call Zambia

If you want to call Zambia from an iPhone or Android phone, you came to the right place. We have an app for calling Zambia. There is an Android app to call Zambia in Google Play store and there is an iPhone app to call Zambia in the iTunes app store.

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free trial

You can try 011Now to call for free. If you have an Android phone or an iPhone you can download the 011Now app. 011Now gives $1.00 in free calling credits to new customers who register using a smartphone application.

Download 011Now Android app for international calling
Download 011Now iPhone app for international calling

How to use the apps?

It’s very easy to use an iPhone and Android app to call UNKNOWN. All you have to do is to install an app, create a new account, dial a phone number and enjoy the conversation. Here are the detailed instructions that will help you:

Call Zambia from Android
Android app to call Zambia
Call Zambia from iPhone
iPhone app to call Zambia

Call Zambia from iPhone and Android at the best prices

Our phone calls to Zambia app is an easy and reliable way to save money on International calling from the US and Canada! You can dial a number using app's keypad and you will be connected to Zambia instantly. No need to enter a PIN code. If you don’t believe that our prices are the best, read the following posts where we compare our prices with the prices of the most popular international calling companies:

Save up to 90% with our cheap international calling rates! Talk to your friends, relatives, beloved ones and business partners with no limit in time.