Calling card to Eritrea

Calling Card to Eritrea

If you look for the cheap calling card to Eritrea look no further: you have found a right place. You can buy a calling card here. 011Now offers great prices for the cheap prepaid calling card. Here is why our product is one of the best prepaid calling cards:

Low prices

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No connection fees and no disconnection fees

We don't charge any fees if your call was not connected with your friend or relative in Eritrea.

No need for a PIN

Once you register your phone number with us and you start making a phone call to our access number we can recognize your phone number and we won’t ask for a PIN.

Call from any phone in US and Canada

Once you buy a calling card from us you can use your 011Now account for making calls over and over. Your credits won’t expire. You will be able to refill you card as much as you want. This is the best prepaid calling card.

Register with 011Now smartphone app and get free first call

If you download our smartphone app for your iPhone or Android and register using the app we will give you $1 credit for trying our service.

Download for Android Available on the iPhone App Store

You can say that it is calling card for cell phone or for any other phone. Check out details how this service works for International calls.