011Now prepaid calling card to Belarus

1. Calling card to Belarus

011now offers a prepaid calling card to Belarus. It is a cheap and convenient way to make phone calls to Belarus using your phone in the U.S. or Canada. We have many access phone numbers that you can use to call Belarus with our cheap calling card. Our prices are some of the lowest on the market. Only for $10.00 you will have as many as 24 minutes worth of calls to Belarus. All phone call conversations are rounded to whole minutes. It is cheap calling card to Belarus with 1 minute rounding. Check out our low rates for for using our calling card to Belarus from U.S.

2. Register only once for a 011Now prepaid calling card to Belarus

Create an account with us and you will be able to refill it as many times as you need. You can refill it using any major credit card (VISA, Master Card, Discover or American Express). Once you have entered your billing information under your account you will be able to recharge your account over the phone or using our web site. 011Now supports an auto-recharge feature, which allows you to refill your account while you are still talking to your friend in Belarus.

3. Pinless dialing when calling Belarus with a 011Now calling card - cheap and convenient.

Pinless dialing is a very useful feature of a 011Now prepaid calling card to Belarus. Our system can exactly match the account information represented by your phone caller id. This means you can avoid the hassle of entering a PIN number every time you call to our access number. Simply add the phone numbers you are calling from to your list of registered phone numbers on your 011Now's account page. You can share one account among your family members by adding their phone numbers under your account. If you call from a phone number registered with 011Now and your caller id is enabled, you will not be asked for a PIN – this is Pinless dialing.

4. No maintenance fees for prepaid calling cards to Belarus.

A lot of common calling cards to Belarus deplete deposited money over time. So, if you don't use your calling card from the U.S. to Belarus for a long period of time you might be surprised to find out that your credits are gone completely. That is why you need to use a 011Now prepaid Belarus calling card – we don't charge any maintenance fees. If you deposit money and don't use our cheap calling card to Belarus for a long time, you will still have your money under your account.

5. No connection fees and no disconnection fees when using a 011Now calling card from the U.S. to Belarus.

Many calling cards to Belarus charge connection fees and/or disconnection fees. 011Now does not charge any additional fees once the connection with your friend has been established. Also, you will not be charged any disconnection fees when you or your friend hang up the phone.

6. Keep track of all your calls when using a prepaid calling card to Belarus.

011Now gives you access to all of your calling history. You can even track how many calls are made within a given period of time. You will find the number of minutes used to call Belarus and the rates for 011Now’s calling card to Belarus.

Call from your smartphone with 011Now’s cheap calling card to Belarus.

Calling to Belarus with a 011Now calling card becomes even easier if you have an iPhone or Android based phone. You will not need to dial the phone number twice. In other words, you will not have to dial the access number and then the destination number in Belarus. Our smartphone apps allow you to dial the destination number in Belarusonly. . Or, you can even choose the numberfrom your phone's contact list. To find out more about using our U.S. to Belarus calling card on your iPhone, click here. Read here to find out how to use the 011Now calling card from USA to Belarus on your iPhone.
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